The changing status of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Because safety guidelines, health standards, and expectations from guests are constantly changing due to the pandemic, a more detailed health plan will be released closer to summer. Over the past two summers, basic mitigation tactics implemented across our program have allowed us to operate free from COVID-19. Our hope is that Camp will feel as normal as possible for our campers so that they don’t notice the behind-the-scenes changes that help mitigate COVID-19. At this point, we are unsure of the impact COVID-19 may have on our program. At this point, we plan to continue the same basic mitigation tactics implemented last summer, but we will of course consider state and local heath guidelines. Be on the lookout for more information as we get closer to summer! You can also read the other information on this page about last year’s policies, which we plan to continue for 2022. Please email us at or call 319-848-4187 for any questions or concerns.

What will I need to monitor before arriving to camp?

We will require you to monitor your camper’s health for 14 days before their camp session begins. This will include daily temperature checks and symptom checks. As always, there is a health check on the first day of overnight camp as well.

How will camper check-in and pick-up be different? (Subject to Change)

People will be asked to wait in their vehicles upon arrival until they are escorted to begin check-in so that registration is not a congested line. We request that limited persons be brought in dropping off your camper and prefer that only one adult drop-off a camper(s). We also encourage mailing in health forms and canteen deposits prior to reduce check-in wait times. The closing program will be for campers only this year, and pickup will function in very much the same way drop-off does, where parents will wait until a Camp staff person escorts a camper to the parent/guardian.

What changes have been made to the program?

As always, we’ll be spending as much time outside as possible. There won’t be any large cabin groups this year. There will never be more than 8 campers per cabin group. We’re also giving campers flexibility to eat outdoors with their cabin group whenever possible. We’re going to focus our activities on doing as many cabin group activities as possible.

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