Junior Counselor

Being a junior counselor is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience in working with youth while working alongside and assisting one of Camp Io-Dis-E-Ca’s camp counselors.

Challenge Camp

Canoeing 15 miles on the Coralville Reservoir, biking 50 miles on the Cedar Valley Nature Trail, climbing and hiking all over Palisades Kepler State Park, and a final fun-filled day at Lost [...]

Projectile Camp

Campers will spend their activity time building projectile elements such as miniature catapults and trebuchets, and then launching things from them. We’ll even have a water balloon launcher on site!

Trailblazer Camp

Even high schoolers need a break from their summer jobs and college visits. Spend a fun-filled yet peaceful time away from the digital world by digging into God’s Word and enjoying the beautiful [...]

Adventure Camp

Two fantastic state park trips featuring canoeing, hiking, and rock climbing are the hallmark of Adventure Camp. Campers will go to Lake MacBride State Park and Palisades Kepler State Park.

Pathfinder Camp

With Pathfinder Camp, older campers begin to unlock the depth of the camp experience with more advanced Bible studies and activities that emphasize team building while still enjoying their [...]

Wilderness Camp

Campers will spend the week tent-camping and cooking several meals over a campfire. A canoeing trip to nearby Lake MacBride State Park is another highlight of Wilderness Camp.

Sports Camp

This camp is for those who want their activity sessions filled with sports rather than traditional camp activities. In addition, campers will go to a Cedar Rapids Kernels game and play mini golf [...]