Camp Update – May 1

 In COVID-19 Response

I’m thankful to be writing a shorter update this week. There isn’t much to update everyone on as very little has changed. We have started to see some guidance come down about what social distancing while hosting groups and having camp. We’re examining how best to do things like, camper check-in and pickup, dining and canteen, sleeping arrangements, and camp activities ranging from small cabin activities to large all-camp games. So we’re trying our best right now to put together the best quality experience given the potential guidelines. Hopefully, it means that we can come up with a way to do camp that makes it enjoyable for our campers and guests is a safe way. At worst, it means that the safety requirements would interfere with a quality camp experience, in other words, it wouldn’t be fun or enjoyable or safe.

If you’re interested in a place to hike around as the weather gets beautiful, we’d love to serve you! Please email our Program Director Andrew Folkmann at to let us know you’d like to come out.

God’s blessings to you! Stay safe and enjoy the beautiful weather! 

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